What is included in delivery when I buy a Yellow V Sup?

When you buy a Yellow V supbord it is delivered with a matching double action paddle, Pump, Carrying bag, Repair kit, Game set, Leash, Waterproof Mobile Case and a large Yellow V towel

I am an adult but weigh only 50 kg - which SUP should I choose?

Our Heartbeat junior is perfect for your weight class - it is a stable board and easy to handle.

When I buy the Yellow V inflatable boat - which floor is the best?

Which floor to select for your Yellow V inflatable boat depends very much on how you are using the boat:

  • The inflatable floor insulates well and it is warmer in a colder climate - also it is softer.
  • The aluminium floor is very strong and perfect for exploring and when you bring heavy goods from shore to the boat.