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Heartbeat 09 iSUP – END OF SEASON SALE - Reduced from £540 to £345

Heartbeat 09 iSUP – END OF SEASON SALE - Reduced from £540 to £345

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End of season sale - price reduction from £540 down to £345!!!

When you want to spice it up, the iSUP Heartbeat 09 is your companion. Suitable for fast flowing rivers and in the breakers. This rocker board is highly manoeuverable and can be turned on the spot with its raised kick pad. The three detachable fins can be easily replaced and you benefit from more stability due to the extra width of this Stand Up Paddling board. So if you are SUP-ping on the edge, consider this board.

Because of its adventurous nature, we’ve made this board as smooth as possible. With three ergonomically placed handles and six D-rings it’s easy to carry and to secure. Weighing a mere 9 kg and with the rigidity of a hard board, you’ll be carving through the white water like a pro!

The sturdy 1,5mm drop-stitched PVC is enhanced with a 5 mm EVA foam platform for excellent grip when needed. Agile, sturdy and light; the Heartbeat 09 SUP board is your wingman on the wild river.

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Max. load (kg) 130 kg

Included SUP, Double action paddle, Pump, Carrying bag, Repair kit, Game set, Leash, Waterproof Mobile Case, YellowV towel
Length 287 cm
Width 89 cm
Weight 9 kg
Thickness 15 cm
Handles 3
Anti-slip deck EVA foam 5 mm + PVC 15 mm (drop stitched)
Number of D-rings 6
PVC construction Double layer, 1,5 mm thick
Anti-slip hardness (shore) 45A - 50A
PVC hardness (shore) 70A
User weight 50 - 75 kg, 75 - 100 kg, 100 - 120 kg, 120 - 130 kg
Paddle style All round fun, Familie, Yoga
Experience Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Heartbeat Game

Heartbeat 09 game

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